Fescue Lawn, Turf Care, Cleveland TN, Chattanooga Tn

Your Turf Is our passion

About Us

With Over Fifteen Years In the Lawn and Landscape World, We Have Truly Developed A Deep Passion For Turf Care!!

 We started as Two Rivers Lawn and Landscape Management in 2004 as a one man show lawn mowing business in Cleveland, TN. Over the course of ten years Two Rivers grew and gained knowledge in both turf care and lawn/landscape management.  In 2014 we saw the opportunity to better serve our clients in the Cleveland/Chattanooga area by providing turf care services. Forever Green of East Tennessee has been providing quality service ever since that day. Turf Care is a deep passion of ours as we watch the grass grow and weeds die!!

 We still have deep roots in the Lawn and Landscape Management world as we still operate Two Rivers to this day. If your either looking for just a Turf Care company that can provide excellent results or your looking for both Turf Care and Lawn/Landscape Management 


Meet the Owner


Scott Morrow is a Cleveland native and owns both Two Rivers and Forever Green. Scott has a deep passion for lawn and landscape management and turf care combined. He takes pride in his companies and enjoys teaching his passion to his employees each day!!

Forever Green and Two Rivers Are Like Two Peas In A Pod!

Forever Green works with many different types of clientele. Many of our clients wish to maintain their properties and we totally understand that. 

But many of our clients enjoy the power team combo when Forever Green and Two Rivers are both working hard to serve them.